Make a Difference

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True Endurance

Most of us want to make a difference in society, but we’re all stretched for time.

Through years of experience we have found the simplest and least time consuming way to make a difference is to start with one person at a time.

When mentoring is done right, it works. Often it is life-changing. Whether it’s a young professional coming out of college, someone leaving the military to enter civilian life, or the next generation of emerging leaders in organizations, the need for a mentor is great. People want help in navigating the turbulent, uncertain environment where they live and work.

As leaders, we have much to offer: Wisdom acquired over time. Experience gained through success – and failure. Expertise in what works, and what doesn’t. And in today’s high-tech, low-touch times, people want relationships. They don’t want another program to join and neither do we. They want someone to meet them where they are, on their terms. Someone that cares about them.

If you’re looking for a mentor or want to become one, or both, Leaders Legacy Sports can provide a common outlet to connect informally with other like-minded leaders.

If you have an interest to get started order the book The Heart of Mentoring . This inspiring book will shift any misperceptions you have about mentoring and start you on a journey to make a difference in a person’s life.

Not interested in mentoring? Not a problem, you can still get involved with LLS and come train, compete, and endure with us.